Lakada Logistics is a streamlined transport operation, which always aims to achieve efficiency, transformation, good client care, profitability and safety by means of effective communication and transparency.

Our company is small enough that we can provide personal service to our clients, but, at the same time, big enough that we can cope with most of our clients' transport requirements.

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Lakada Logistics is committed to:
  • delivering efficient and reliable service at competitive prices to all clients;
  • upholding the law and the spirit of the Constitution in all their activities;
  • maintaining the highest standards in order to build up lasting business relationships with all our clients;
  • upholding the principles of fairness in business, as dictated by ethical considerations and religious faith;
  • recognising and rewarding those who, through exceptional effort and attitude, contribute to the success of the company;
  • Granting all employees training and development opportunities to enable them to realise their aspirations.


                          Lakada Logistics, 2015.